Recreation Cheer & Tumble Class Program

We offer life changing cheer and tumble classes for ages 3-18. We share our passion and knowledge of the sport and child development to create fun and exciting classes that build confidence, improve strength, and help kids perfect and progress their athletic skills. We strive to give you and your family the best cheer and tumble experience possible.


Preschool Age
  • Tumble Tots (ages 3-5) This class is an introduction to tumbling. Incorporates obstacle courses and games.
School Age
  • Beginner Tumble (ages 6-12) Works drills and skills to improve basic tumbling skills like handstands, forward rolls, cartwheels and roundoffs. No experience is needed.
  • Walkovers (ages 6-12) Works front/back walkovers and combination passes. Must be able to perform 90% of Beginner Tumble skills independently and consistently.
  • Handsprings (ages 6+) Works front/back handsprings and combination passes. Must be able to perform 90% of Beginner Tumble and Walkovers class skills independently and consistently.
  • Tucks and Layouts (ages 6+) Works punch fronts, tucks, layouts, and combinations of skills. Must be bale to perform 90% of Handsprings class skills independently and consistently.
  • Flyer & Base Technique (ages 6+) Focuses on drills and skills that work strength, balance, flexibility and timing that will improve stunting technique. No experience needed.
  • Front Row Jumps (ages 6+) Strength and flexibility drills that improve jump technique.

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