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a consistent stop on your child’s journey to success. We build champions with character.

empowering youth through the arts and athletics

We provide children with a safe, nurturing, and responsive environment to learn, grow, make friends, and reach their individual potential.


Our cheer teams are small, but mighty. We focus on kid’s confidence, technique, and providing innovative and fun choreography. We’ve got teams for ages 4-18 year olds. Everyone makes a team. You choose Full Year (June-April) or Half Year (December-April).


Our tumble classes focus on building kid’s confidence, improving their strength, and understanding technique. We’ve got classes for ages 2.9 and up. Classes run year round.


We offer a variety of camps and workshops throughout the year that allow kids to take their natural curiosity to the next level. STEM, Art, Music, Dance, Theater and more!

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